Q - What should I bring to the camp?

Water (or hydration), pre-applied sunblock, comfortable clothes, and athletic shoes.  While we generally have water available, most campers prefer bringing their own water/hydration bottles with their names clearly marked on the bottle.

Q - What not to bring to the camp:

Any items of value that could be lost or stolen, especially electronic items such as ipods, game systems, etc.  If a camper brings a cell phone, we will do our best to keep it in a secure location so that it is not lost.  However, we cannot be responsible for lost phones or items.

Q - Is F.A.S.T. Football a flag football or full-contact pads camp?

Neither.  F.A.S.T. Football is a football skills camp designed to teach football skills that will prepare campers to improve their skills at any level of football, from high school to youth tackle to flag football.  From time to time we do use flags to simulate tackling drills and in team scrimmages.  But, the skills taught at each camp are intended to benefit all levels of players.

Q - My child has certain limitations or disabilities.  Can he or she still attend?

Absolutely!  We make every effort to accomodate every child who wants to attend a F.A.S.T. Football Camp or Clinic!

Q - Why are some Camps and Clinics priced differently than others?

Each F.A.S.T. Football Camp and Clinic is uniquely designed for the community where we are serving.  Some camps have a longer duration or more fees associated with facilities.  These are the primary reasons for the variation in pricing among the Camps and Clinics.  We do our very best to provide the best possible experience for the least amount of money!

Q - More questions?

Email us at:  info@fastfootballcamps.com